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Ultimate WordPress Counter Plugin

This is the animated counter plugin for WordPress that displays the text, date, time, time step, countdown, symbols, count clicks or mixed mode with a different animation effects. You may use different settings, options, positions, colors, fonts, sizes, gradient backgrounds and 30+ visual effects to get your counter more attractive to view on your WordPress based websites.

Plugin contains Visual Builder to help you to construct, develop and display your preferred counter style. This tool features include 50+ options to customize but it also can be used in a simple configuration with presets. Also this plugin includes the widget for easy use your created counter on header, footer or sidebar area.

From the 2.x release the plugin supports ‘Events’ and ‘Actions’. Now you can adjust the counter behavior by the custom rules to uses these great features.

The Ultimate WordPress Counter pluign is uses SHORTCODES for each created counter and well documented, ultra customizable and easy to understand how it works to make your own changes in your created counter. Also this plugin uses Google fonts to show the animated text, digits or symbols and there is no change in the quality of displayed drawings when it gets resized.

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Basic Features:

  • Ultra customizable and Easy to use with integrated Intuitive Interface and Visual Builder;
  • Include the widget with created counters selector;
  • Support SHORTCODES for each created counter;
  • Menu inserter included and works with Page or Post in WordPress TinyMCE editor (visual mode only);
  • Includes EVENTS and ACTIONS features;
  • All Counters has build-in responsive adjustments;
  • All Time Counters has time synchronized features;
  • Plugin contains code only without any images;
  • Special national characters included for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and Russian languages;
  • Counter can be used as any text, date, time, time step, symbol, click counter or mixed displayer;
  • Support unlimited different types of Counters on the one page;
  • Counter supports Random Text animation and/or Random Duration time;
  • Animated and smoothed scroll effects in 30+ different styles;
  • Support the ‘Mask’ (template to display) feature which can define the Counter in different display styles;
  • Custom labels for each block defined (e.g. Days, Hours, Minutes, etc);
  • Supports prefix or postfix counter with any symbol (e.g. currency sign);
  • Supports Google fonts, Gradient background presets and Counter types for the best visual features;
  • Can be used in the container for manual start with JavaScript call;
  • Visual Builder presented for quick and easy setting up and styling a Counter;
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.5 and higher;
  • Compatible with IE 10,11, Edge / Chrome / Safari / Firefox browsers;

Ultimate WP Counter | View Demo

Server Requirements:

  • Important: PHP version 5.4 or newer is required.


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