This application is the best design of Envato Market’s WebView application. An eye-catching universal application that offers more features and a natural design than similar applications. With a very easy to use personalization console, you can create your own application within 15 minutes by following the documentation without any programming knowledge.


  • Strong Web Engine: Even faster webview performance
  • Download Uplaod Feature:  With the download and upload feature, you can quickly download and upload files.
  • The Best Material Design:   We are claiming.   WebView App with the best designs and animations on Envato Market.
  • Html, JavaScript, Video:   WebView supports HTML5, JavaScript, Cookies, CSS, images, videos.  You can watch videos in full screen.
  • Google Admob Ads:  With Google Admob Ads, you can add ads and earn money.
  • Offline – Error Handling:  If you do not have a network connection, it shows a bug with a nice design and you can fix this problem.
  • Navigation Menu – Tab Menu:  The Navigation and Tab Menu both offer great performance and distinguish themselves from other applications with animated transitions.
  • Pull – To – Refresh:  Choose to refresh your pages with just a swipe gesture. You can also use this stylish layout to indicate page loading. You can also return to the main page with a button when the page is refreshing.
  • Rate App with Material Design:  If you want to exit the application with a nice layout you are asked whether you want to rate the application.
  • Push Notifications:  Use the Notifications console GUI to compose and send notifications to all supported message targets. Firebase Cloud Messaging handles the routing and delivery to targeted devices. When a user taps on the notification, the app launcher opens your app.
  • About Us Menu:  In the drawer menu you can inform us about the menu and customize it to your own with beautiful design.
  • Contact Us Menu:  Intents for opening external apps. (e-mail, phone call, map, store) You can make a direct call, send an e-mail, and forward it to your Address.
  • Follow Us Menu:  Follow us with a circle animated menu to direct users to social media accounts (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) to receive information from you.
  • Share App:  You may be able to share your application with users who use your app. Those who see your application shared in social media accounts or via sms mail and similar methods can download your application by clicking Share.
  • Customizable Drawer Header:  The advantage of using 2 different pictures is that you can customize the drawer menu.
  • Splash Screen:  With the animated transition screen, you can advertise with a picture and text while the application is open.
  • Update and Technical Support:  We would like you to know that the development of the application will continue for a long period of time, taking into account the wishes and wishes of the buyers and feedback takers, and that communication will not be interrupted by providing technical support for possible problems free of charge after purchase.
  • Performance, Design and Affordable Price: We offer a suitable feat for this project you can use in many areas.
  • Online Control:  You can do the installation by spending no more than 15 minutes. All you need to do is run the project and change the package name and application name, add Admob Ads ID and create APK. That is all. No code information is required. It is enough to apply what you wrote in the document. You can add all the remaining personal configuration settings online with the Firebase Console. You need an internete connected computer, android studio and a Firebase Console account (it’s free to open and use a Firebase Console account for a certain amount of time, this limit is quite high and it’s not going to fill you up) You can instantly change your data online and in real time . Again, we claim that the Envato market is the best and full WebView application produced in 2018. You can testify that we are right in this case by testing and casting practice.With the animated transition screen, you can advertise with a picture and text while the application is open.



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